Chase Tinkham

Chase Tinkham

Real Estate Agent
WORLD CLASS REALTY/ World Class Realty and Assoc R
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

I believe that educated clients today make happy homeowners tomorrow. An expert in the Hickory, Grassfield, and Great Bridge areas of Chesapeake - I bring to you over 7 years of consultative sales experience, 70+ recommendations, a proven track record of contract negotiation, and an unwavering desire to help educate those that I serve - I'm familiar with the entire Southside of Hampton Roads area and I have a burning desire to help families find their perfect home knowing that they have an expert to guide them through the process.

Looking to sell your home? With over 9 years of marketing and public relations experience, I will tailor the plan to your needs, provide you with a specific action-oriented plan to get your home sold on time and on budget, and ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Contact Info:
(757) 407-4900

I encourage and drive myself, my colleagues, and the partners I work with on a daily basis to do the right thing for the client. This means that there needs to be a strong emphasis on empathy, creativity, integrity, accountability, and hard work and those have been the pillars of which I've helped to build my career and to fuel growth for the organizations that I serve.


"Chase Tinkham has been an extremely influential mentor of mine. During his time at Old Dominion University he was very involved within our fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, as well as the Interfraternity Council. Chase initiated a new leaf for the IFC and was able to give the Fraternities a better image around campus. This facilitated a growth in the number of men associated with the Interfraternity council and brought each of the organizations together. Chase is very determined and will always be willing to take the reins on projects outside of his responsibility. I strongly recommend Chase for any position that he seeks in the future."

  -Jacob Maines, Colleague

"I had the privilege of working with Chase in a complementing role. As a sales executive I personally passed newly-onboarded clients to Chase to manage and as a manager my reps did the same thing. What sticks out to me about Chase are a number of things. Clients who were managed by Chase had nothing but positive things to say about him personally as well as his ability to maximize results to help them achieve success. Outside of his own book of business, Chase was one of my go-to colleagues when I needed anything from insight to how products work on a granular level, recommendations about how to help other clients achieve success, etc. Overall he was a phenomenal resource that made every other person around him more successful."

  -Jason Magee, Colleague

"I have worked with Chase while he was a representative for Vocus. I found him very knowledgeable about the product line and procedures used the by the company. Chase is reliable and always forthcoming with information, eager to help and to attend to the needs of his customers. It was a pleasure to work with him on a number of projects. I wish more companies had people like him who make the customer care a priority."

  -Dagmara Postelle, Client

"Chase has been one of my favorite Account Executives to work with. Not only is he a regular, department top-performer, but he is constantly finding ways to help make the people around him better. Chase works with a passion to help see that his customers are successful in using our software and through all his hard work and dedication he has been rewarded with multiple promotions and awards. Although he is already someone others look to for help and advice he still strives to become an even better salesperson. If I had to come up with words that define Chase I would, caring, consistent, driven, a leader, and a closer."

  -Jeremy Wingate, Colleague

"Chase is extremely detail oriented and always goes above and beyond for his clients. He always makes sure that his clients are well taken care of and getting the most out of their investment. He is always proactive in his outreach to clients to ensure their complete satisfaction and effectiveness utilizing the system. His number one priority is always the client and he does everything he can to help them get the full value out of what they purchased. He has strong integrity and only recommends products/services that his clients truly need based on their goals. He is always a positive person and his great attitude is infectious among his co-workers, encouraging us all to strive to be better. I would strongly recommend Chase for any job/position because he excels at any task put in front of him."

  -Diana Berry, Colleague